University student praised as ‘hero’ as he saved an injured bird’s life after violent brawl


A university student saved a pigeon’s life after it received vital injuries from an aggressive sparrowhawk.


On Saturday, students at the University of Sheffield were walking down Endcliffe when they witnessed a pigeon being attacked mid-air by a sparrowhawk.


The Sparrowhawk dropped the pigeon from the air and received injuries towards its lower body from fall damage.


Pravidya Mudalige, 19, a medical student at the University of Sheffield, protected the pigeon by confronting the sparrowhawk, causing the bird to fly away.


He said: “I shouted without thinking and the hawk flew away and dropped the pigeon which got trapped between some bars in a panic.


“My friend gave us some oven mitts and we used them to lift the pigeon out of the bars and kept it safe.”


He contacted an emergency vet and was advised that the pigeon will be more susceptible to be eaten by a night-time predator due to its vulnerable state.


The pigeon was still alive but struggled to move at all.


Mr Mudalige went back to his accommodation and provided a shoe box and stuffed it with toilet paper, then placed the pigeon inside to be protected from any predators.


The vet has warned that euthanasia would be an option if they are unable to treat the



The pigeon received the nickname of ‘Lorenzo’ and was kept under a bush to rest.


An uber was ordered for Lorenzo to be delivered to a local vet called ‘Vets now Sheffield’ where he will receive treatment and to be checked for bird flu due to an epidemic.


Vets have stated that as Lorenzo is a wild animal, there will be no fee at all for his treatments.


Vets now Sheffield have confirmed that Lorenzo has been treated and has been sent to a rehabilitation centre.



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22 March 2022

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