Sheffield celebrates King Charles’ Coronation

Over a hundred people were gathered at the Peace Gardens in Sheffield to celebrate the King’s coronation.

The 6 May event brought together people from different races, ages and cultures to celebrate the crowning of the new monarch.

Sheffield celebrated this day by providing visitors with a variety of options when it came to refreshments ranging from stalls that sold Jamaican cuisine to stalls that sold cold beverages like slushies.

Nicolas Urquijo , 24, a student, said: “I think it’s a great thing because it’s about tradition and I think it’s very important to be near tradition and its history as it brings people together and it is a beautiful thing to see.”

Sheffield was decorated in red, blue and white in honour of the celebration alongside security who were handing out the Union Jack flag in order to spread the joy of the celebration.

People who were not very familiar with events or traditions of Britain were positive in their response to the way the coronation was celebrated.

Arita Lovirtha, 26, a student who had only been in the UK since September, described the event as interesting and the way Sheffield had prepared the event was executed well.

Not many people had strong opinions when it came to swearing allegiance to the King.

Jamie Tongue, 27, an admin officer who had already sworn his allegiance to the King as he was a civil servant, agreed that changing the word from call to invitation was a better decision.

He said: “The coronation is great for what it’s done for the country, bringing people together ostentatious would definitely be a word I could think of. There are a lot of things that are out of touch with modern Britain.

“I think however the other religions being involved was really good. I’m not a royalist or republican. Personally, I think it’s nice to see everyone. That’s my main thing.” 

Overall, many Sheffield residents enjoyed watching the crowning of the King and the festivities that occurred that day.

Written by Blessing Adefemi

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