Upcoming festival set to ‘unite the community’ this weekend

A Sheffield-based band has talked about an upcoming festival they are performing at in the next ten days.

On 20 May, Kelham Island will be flooded with different artists, bands and collectives as the “Get Together” 2023 festival takes place. With seven venues, and an afterparty, it’s set up to be one of the biggest local events in Sheffield this year.

Many of the acts that are performing at the festival are either based in Yorkshire or in Sheffield particularly, the event is seen as a way to unite Sheffield residents and lovers of local acts.

One of the bands that will be performing at the event is alternate pop band Luxury Goods, which was previously known as LIO, and had already performed at local Sheffield festivals like Woodseats Live in March.

Luxury Goods

Leonie Sloots, 30, and the lead singer for Luxury Goods, said: “Places that aren’t around Sheffield City Centre, it’s good to have these types of events on. Especially for Kellam Island, which is mostly known for its pubs.

“I feel like for a while, especially after the pandemic, people have been missing events like this that bring the community together, and promote underground and local artists.”

Similar to recent Sheffield-based festivals like Woodseats Live, the venues are all in close proximity so people can see what performances fits them the best.

Leonie added: “There are quite a few acts that I haven’t listened to before, so I’m looking forward to that. There’ll be such a variety of different sounds and genres for people to find what they’re into.”

Alongside the performances, there are pop up shops, street food around the venues, and an official afterparty. Also, with prices quickly selling out, a huge turnout is expected this Saturday.

If people are still interested in tickets, you can buy some at: https://www.gettogetherfestival.com/

Written by Temi Idowu

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