Hundreds gather at Peace Gardens to celebrate King Charles III’s Coronation despite growing backlash

Hundreds gathered in Sheffield’s Peace Gardens on Saturday, to celebrate the Coronation of King Charles III.

The gathering featured people from across the city, with Union Jack flags and hats for people to wave and wear.

The Coronation itself was also broadcast on a large screen for people to watch with their friends and families.

Around the Gardens were food stands selling hot dogs, burgers as well as other confectionary for the public to enjoy as they watched the second-ever televised coronation.

Lauren Eden, attendee at the historic gathering, said: “I think it was a great day to enjoy with the family.

“It was brilliant watching it all together and appreciating what is a really important historical event.”

The celebrations at Peace Gardens continued on Sunday tomorrow as royalists and onlookers alike were able to memorialise the first coronation in 70 years.

Despite the large turnout however, many in Sheffield were displeased with the Coronation and what it represents.

On 4 May, the Socialist Workers Party held a public meeting, condemning the “sickening celebration”.

Dave Gardner, pensioner and member of the Socialist Workers Party in Sheffield, said: “I don’t believe that the monarchy has anything to offer to ordinary people in Sheffield.

“The message it’s sending is really a slap in the face for ordinary people.

“It’s presenting them with images of power, of wealth which have nothing to do with their lives.”

As turmoil surrounding the royals has risen with controversies such as Prince Harry’s decision to step back as a “senior member” of the royal family as well as debate surrounding Prince Andrew, the Coronation celebrations in the city centre were still a host to people of all ages and varying ethnicities.

As well as arts and crafts stands for children, the day hosted beer stands, live music and street entertainers.

Pubs in the city were also expected to close later than usual to let celebrations continue long into the night.

Festivities then continued at 3pm on Sunday with film screenings, along with the return of food vendors and street entertainers.

With Sheffield being chosen as one of the parts of the country “Lighting up the nation”, the city was to be seen broadcast on TV, along with a light show as a part of the Coronation Convert on Sunday evening.

Written by Sachin Shaw

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