University of Sheffield defeat Hallam in boxing varsity for the first time in almost a decade

Sheffield students gathered for the annual boxing event last week – with the University of Sheffield walking away victorious over their sister university, Sheffield Hallam.

The event took place in the University of Sheffield’s Octagon arena with tickets for the event selling out in record time.

Students from both universities attended the event sporting their team colours for varsity. Team Hallam wearing their maroon and University of Sheffield supporters wearing their black and gold.

Throughout the night both universities put forward their best boxers for a total of 14 bouts that eventually resulted in a win for the University of Sheffield. 

The result came as a shock to some fans as the event has historically been a one sided affair that had given a varsity point to Team Hallam.

With tensions running high within the arena two members had to be escorted out of the premises due to what security described as a “drunken squabble.”

A unique detail about boxing within varsity is that both teams train within Sheffield Boxing Club for some of their training sessions.

William Simpson, 31, Coach for the Sheffield boxing club, who has been coaching the University of Sheffield for the past 5 years, commented on last week’s win:

“I love that everyone got in their (the ring) and enjoyed themselves and made some good memories, when your coaching everyone and you work really closely with them you kinda feel like a parent to them

He continued: “When you’re watching them hit each other it’s not nice”

Sheffield Boxing club have worked with both university teams in recent years to train fighters and host this event at an amateur level.

Mr Simpson encouraged any current students who may be interested in the sport to come and try the sessions that either of the universities offer throughout the semesters.

He commented: “If you’re interested in boxing and want to try your hand in getting ready for varsity bet training as soon as possible.”

“We will look after you and train you until you’re ready to hop into the ring.”

Overall the event was a great experience for everyone involved and we look forward to seeing next year’s result.

Timetables for the University of Sheffield boxing sessions can be found on their Instagram Sheffield Uni Boxing Club (@universityofsheffieldboxing) • Instagram photos and videos.

Written by Charlie Barry

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