Sheffield SU’s Beer and Cider Festival: Drinkers enjoy annual event despite downpours

Rain failed to dampen spirits over the bank holiday weekend as a Sheffield beer and cider festival attracted hundreds of people. 

People gathered at the city’s Bar One and Interval’s beer garden to enjoy what was described by organisers as ‘an eclectic host of craft beers, real ales, pilsners, cider and gin’. 

The Sheffield SU’s Beer and Cider festival is an annual event run by the University of Sheffield’s Student Union, in partnership with Bar One and Interval. The event ran from Saturday until Monday and featured live music, including acoustic sets and a DJ. 

Alongside the drinks, there was a range of street food options on offer, such as fries, tacos and pizza.

Lewis Peale, 20, a politics student at the University of Sheffield, said: “There’s lots to try, there’s a slightly overwhelming list of beers. If you like beer, this is a great place to be.” 

Despite heavy rain on Saturday, spirits were high amongst people at the event, who spread out across the courtyard and the garden. 

Dominic Driver, 20, a civil engineering student at the University of Sheffield said: “It’s good to see so many people in the Student Union. Considering there’s hundreds of people here and the weather’s not great, it shows that people are interested in these events.

“It’s pretty relaxed, nothing too intense. It’s a good mix, good vibes.”

Lewis Peale and Dominic Driver photographed at the Beer and Cider Festival (Photo by Wilf Ratcliff)

The festival showcased a broad range of drinks from around the UK and the world, as well as a selection of non-alcoholic drinks. 

Abitha Ravi, 19, an architecture student at the University of Sheffield, said: “I like the fact that they have a really good range of non-alcoholic options. I think it’s really good that they have the beer and cider festival and the fact that there’s not just beer and cider, there’s food and music, too.”

With costs on the rise, people were impressed by the low prices of the drinks on offer.

Rethika Senthil, 19, a business student at Royal Holloway University of London, said: “I like that the prices are quite cheap. They gave us testers as well, so it was really nice.” 

Rethika Senthil and Abitha Ravi photographed at the Beer and Cider Festival (Photo by Jasmine El Samad)

Written by Jasmine El Samad

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