Sheffield prepares to celebrate King’s coronation

Coronation celebrations are taking place across Sheffield to welcome the new king to the throne, with citizens excited to see “history in progress”.

King Charles III is due to be crowned this weekend, Saturday 6 May, at Westminster Abbey, to officially mark his move to throne, and Sheffield locals will be celebrating the event in many different ways.

The Lord Mayor’s Coronation Party is taking place at the Peace Gardens, where they will be broadcasting the processions and parades Saturday and the Coronation Concert on Sunday for everyone to watch and celebrate.

Councillor Terry Fox, Leader of Sheffield City Council, said: “The King’s Coronation will be a fantastic two-day celebration in Sheffield, where everyone can bring their picnic blankets and watch the action live from a big screen.”

Across Sheffield there will also be local celebrations such as street parties and The Big Lunch, which are being encouraged by the council through its allocation of £5,000 to each Local Area Committee to help fund community celebration.

Coun Fox added: “For many, this will be a lifetime occurrence, so we want to put on a big show.”

Some Sheffield residents are also feeling the excitement for the upcoming festivities. 

Rebecca Rippin, 18, a student at the University of Sheffield said: “I feel like I want to watch it as it is history and it would be nice to see history in progress.”

Miss Rippin added: “I have never seen a coronation and it is only the second one ever to be televised. I’d love to see what one is like.”

However not all of Sheffield is in support of the new king and his big party. Michael Broomhead, 73, from Sheffield, has reservations to the new monarch and the coronation.

Mr Broomhead had mixed feelings towards the Monarchy as said he admires them as it is “not an easy vocation” but is unsure on how much he likes them.

Mr Broomhead felt the coronation wasn’t a good use of money. He added: “There’s so much poverty and with what we’re eating and foodbanks, people struggling, I think really it is a waste of money actually.

The coronation is paid for by the British government, which is funded by the taxpayer, but they have refused to say a figure on its cost. It is estimated to be between £50 million and £100 million.

Written by Emily Taylor

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