Man raises £1,000 for MS Awareness Week by walking 100km

A father-of-two has walked 100km to raise money for the MS Society following his wife’s diagnosis.

Ben Mason, 46, a professional golfer, has raised £1,140 in aid of the MS Society Rotherham and Sheffield Group for the support they have provided following his wife Joanna’s MS diagnosis.

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a condition that can affect the brain and spinal cord, causing a wide range of potential symptoms, including problems with vision, arm or leg movement, sensation or balance.

Mrs Mason, 41, was diagnosed with MS two years ago.

She said: “MS is not just an illness that affects the individual, it affects the whole family.”

When Mrs Mason was diagnosed she reached out to MS Society Sheffield and found out that the group was disbanded since the group coordinator had resigned. She then applied for the position and has been the volunteer coordinator ever since. 

Mr Mason told Sheflive, “Since then she has created an exercise class for MS sufferers and has lots of things in the pipeline which any extra funding will help go towards.”

Mr Mason completed 107.91km in total, he covered the distance in creative ways such as his children blindfolding him and leaving him in a location to cover distance. 

As a professional golfer, Mr Mason was able to cover the distance not only by golfing, but by going on walks in the park with his kids.

Mrs Mason said the challenge allows them to set up a new exercise and social groups for any others suffering with MS. 

She said: “He is helping me start the next chapter of my life and helping all our local MSers to live well with MS.”

When asked for advice for anyone with a partner suffering with MS, Mr Mason said: “Be patient. You never know what each day will be like. Sometimes my wife has a strong day and we can go about our normal business and other days and be much tougher. 

Allow them to rest when they need to. Everyday task like putting the washing out or going round the supermarket can have a huge affect on my wife’s fatigue so planning rest time is important”

You can donate to Mr Mason’s MS fundraiser via this link:

Written by Madeleine Lake

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