King’s Coronation: Sheffield pays tribute to Queen Elizabeth II

A book of condolence for Queen Elizabeth II that was signed by people in Sheffield after her death has gone on display in the city centre.

The book is being presented along with preserved floral tributes at Sheffield Town Hall from today until next Wednesday.

The only day the book will not be on display is Saturday for the coronation of King Charles III.

Steven Young, a civic attendant from Sheffield City Council, explained where it had been since it was last seen in the city.

The 59-year-old also said that the display only featured one of two books which were signed by the people of Sheffield after Queen Elizabeth’s death.

He said: “The books were rebound after being sent to London to take photocopies, after this display these books will become permanent exhibits here in town hall.”

The display has been launched around the time of the coronation bank holiday weekend on Sunday.

The dried floral tributes featured in the display were originally bouquets of flowers gathered from the Peace Gardens where people had laid flowers to pay their respects after her passing last September.

Longer term the books of condolence and the floral tributes will be displayed in cabinets next to the Silver Room in Sheffield Town Hall.

In addition to the display at the Town Hall, the Lord Mayor of Sheffield, Coun Sioned Mair-Richards has planted a special plant in memory of the Queen.

The plant, a type of Laceleaf, is called ‘Arthurium Amazing Queen’ and is originally from Australasia.

It has been planted in Sheffield Winter Garden, near the commemorative stone that marks the opening of the garden in May 2003 by the Queen with Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh.

The Lord Mayor Sioned Mair-Richards hopes that this plant will serve as a reminder of the Queen’s long and dedicated service to the people of the United Kingdom.

As for other activities during coronation weekend, the Sheffield Cathedral will be live streaming the coronation of King Charles III, as well as live bands and street entertainers at the peace garden on Saturday from 10am to 6pm.

Written by Kunqiqiake Yakufu

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