Irish pub holds ‘anti-coronation’ party

A Sheffield Irish pub is going to hold an ‘anti-coronation’ party this weekend for people who are not interested in the celebrations for King Charles.

It comes as the nation gears up for the coronation of King Charles on Saturday, May 6, when much of the country will be glued to television coverage of the event at Westminster Abbey.

In Sheffield, the City Council has encouraged communities to organise their own street parties and 31 streets have applied for road closures for the Coronation over the weekend. Although, you won’t find mention of it in The Dog and Partridge.

The Dog and Partridge, located at 56 Trippet Lane, claims itself a cosy, dog-friendly, Irish-run Free House in Sheffield city centre, promising ‘no mention of it’ and ‘no flag waving’ during the celebrations of the Royal festival.

The team posted on Twitter: “We have very strong feelings regarding the coronation. So we’ve decided to have a get-together for all those that aren’t interested in the whole palaver

“There’ll be songs played, special drinks available, and no flag waving!”

They will be accepting food bank donations and collecting donations for Shelter which is a charitable organization at the party. The team said they’re a much more worthy cause than the Royal Family.

Some positive responses from people who are interested in the ‘anti-coronation’ celebration support the holding of the party as well. Dee Smithson said on Twitter: “I agree. There should be places to go for people who feel neutral about the coronation”. Yvonne Gair said: “Some of us dream of a republic but with a good government. But that feels like a pipe dream”. Peter Hudson said: “I am up for this. It’s a complete waste of taxpayers’ money.”

There was an interview with Conor, the representative of the Dog and Partridge, on BBC Radio Sheffield yesterday, and he said: “We’ve had very positive feedback, to be honest, although not in quite positive support. So we’ll have a nice weekend with no mention of Coronation.” Presenter Toby Foster pointed out that people should all respect each other’s views about the Coronation.

You can find out more about the Dog and Partridge’s plans on Twitter DOG & PARTRIDGE (@thedogsheffield) / Twitter.

Written by Yifan Zou

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