Crowds come to Crucible to see exciting final of Snooker World Championship in Sheffield

Crowds of people flocked to Sheffield’s Crucible Theatre to watch the final of the Snooker World Championship.

As well as those lucky enough to have a ticket to be inside the venue there were hundreds who came to watch the excitement on a big screen outside.

This is the city’s 47th year of holding the tournament.

Thomas Cairney, 48, a life-long Sheffield resident and snooker fan, said: “It feels like an honour each year to hold the championship. Even despite the loss today, having the Crucible on your doorstep feels like a blessing.”

Each year Sheffield super snooker fans flock to the iconic crucible theatre to catch a glimpse of the players.

This year Mark Selby from Leicester and Luca Brecels faced-off to win £500,000 in a game that was projected onto screens around the peace-gardens.

Student Remy Holt, 20, said: “Snooker seems to be an ageing sport, I have always had a passion for snooker but since moving to Sheffield for university, it has allowed me to really get involved with it.”

Altogether 980 spectators sat inside the crucible to intently watch the tense game, with pubs and bars overflowing outside.

The crowd outside the venue was made up of people of all ages who wanted to see the action.

Mr Cairney added: “It’s great to see so many younger lads coming to watch the snooker. Sheffield has always been inclusive but it’s only in the past few years it seems to have gotten more popular.”

Despite the championship being run since 1927, the 47 years of hosting has helped put Sheffield on the map with people travelling from around the world to visit.

It has been credited with bringing in revenue to the various snooker pubs and clubs around the city while also fuelling the main pubs surrounding the crucible.

Eventual winner of the tournament, Luca Brecel, also ended up giving a boost to city restaurant Piccolinos when fans found out he ate there every night of the tournament, and rushed to book tables.

But not everyone was a fan.

Mr Cairney said: “He is a fantastic player but I don’t like his attitude and the way he is. It puts a bad perspective on snooker.”

Despite this the majority of snooker fans spoke highly of him, Mr Holt said: “I can’t fault him for being a talented man. He is a once in a lifetime player.”

Written by Aimie Gillan

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