Sheffield Cats Shelter launches weekly lottery to raise money for their cats 

The Sheffield Cats Shelter has recently started a £2 lottery to raise donations after being hit by rising prices of food and vet bills over the past 12 months.

Donating just £2 a week to enter the lottery, helps keep their cats and kittens warm and fed, as well as giving you the opportunity to win up to £10,000. 

People can use their mobile phones to enter the lottery, which has been developed in conjunction with the Donr fundraising organisation.

Nick Holland, Head Officer of Fundraising and Communications said: ‘’The rising prices of food and energy have had a big impact on us.’’ 

‘’Our biggest costs are energy bills and vet bills. And because energy bills are increasing at the vets, treatment costs more too.’’ 

‘’We want to continue looking after the cats and we have to do more to raise money and get more income.’’

Nick Holland, Head Officer of Fundraising and Communications

This is now the second week of the lottery and the shelter has had a big success. They are hoping to have more fundraising events in the future to help support the cats in need. 

Nick Holland said: ‘’Our lottery is new for us, lots of other shelters do it too.

‘’It helps support our cats and it’s a fun way to help them and people can dream of winning £10,000.

“We’ve spoken to the company Donr who helps run other charities across the country and there’s been a really good sign-up so far.’’

The shelter has been running for 126 years and the demand for their services is growing and has never been this high. Without donations and volunteers, there would be more cats left abandoned on the streets. 

Mr. Holland said: ‘’We had a cat called Sadie last year who came to us and had been locked in a cat carrier and left in the woods.’’

‘’If someone walking their dog hadn’t found her, she probably would have died.’’ 

‘’There’s a huge demand for our services and we couldn’t do it without these donations. We need them more than ever.’’

On the 20th May at the Harley Pub on Glossop Road in Sheffield, the shelter is holding a music festival to raise more donations and support for the shelter. 

If anyone wants to donate or is interested in playing at the music festival, get in touch at The Sheffield Cats Shelter website.

Written by Amara Keeling

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