Chile documentary screened in Sheffield as part of city’s Festival of Debate

A screening of a documentary about Chile’s struggle for democracy was held in Sheffield as part of the South Yorkshire annual Festival of Debate.

The Santiago Rising Documentary set in Chile’s capital showcased the protests that took place against social injustice. The film was screened at the Hideaway Sheffield venue in the city centre on Saturday evening.

Susannah Brewer, 60, a community project lead worker from Woodseats, said: “It’s really inspiring and stirring, I learnt a lot about Chile’s history. It was brilliant to see young people’s experience communicated through film.”

Following the screening, the role of UK solidarity in the fight for human rights in Chile was discussed.

The Pinochet dictatorship resulted in a large amount of people being imprisoned, up to 3,200 people were executed and thousands were subjected to torture.

Nicki Coleman, 32, a stay-at-home mother from Bentley Road, Crookes, said: “Although the reason we’re here is because of unfortunate events, I’m glad that we can talk about it and find unity through these things.

“It’s touching just being gathered together and speaking about this, because it can’t be forgotten.”

The documentary was created by Alborada Films.

Alborada – an organisation which describes itself as “an independent voice on Latin American politics, media and culture” – works alongside Alborada Films, a production company that produces and distributes documentary films.

A panel of speakers shared their experiences of living through these events and their fight for social justice.

The panel included Maria Vásquez Aguilar who was a child exile and co-founder of Chile Solidarity Network and Chile 50 Years UK, and her father Dr Sergio Vásquez, who was a political prisoner under Pinochet’s regime.

Pablo Navarrete, 44, founder of Alborada and journalist from Sheffield, said: “The goal is to offer alternative voices on issues around politics, media and culture.”

His own parents from Chile were forced to leave after the coup. He described his work as “trying to tell stories that can educate and inspire”.

The organisation which brings awareness to political and social injustice has produced several films and content regarding Latin American politics.

To find out more about the work of Alborada visit:

Written by Marie Touray

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