Metal bands still play despite losing pre-sale money

Underground hardcore metal bands Depravity and Total Recall played in Sheffield on Monday night, despite losing pre-sale money in a fallout between the promoter and the venue.

The bands, joined by supporting group Balgurra, played at Record Junkee in the city centre.

Depravity and Total Recall have just finished a UK tour going through Luton, Oxford, Manchester and finished in Sheffield.

After a disagreement between Record Junkee and the event promoter however, both bands have lost pre-sale money for the Sheffield-held evening.

Phil Attenborough, Balgurra’s guitarist, spoke out about the effect of the incident, saying: “It does a lot of damage to the music scene and the trust in venues.”

Despite losing money however, the bands still played for long-term fans and newcomers.

The event itself was a host to a crowd of around 30 who gathered to headbang and circle-pit throughout the evening.

Metal fan Adam Wilson was a part of the crowd and said: “All the bands were absolutely awesome, it was fire.

“The guys blew the doors off. It’s a shame what happened with a couple of them losing their money, but I really hope they come back to Sheffield because they were great.”

Depravity, based in Essex, are now on their way to continue their tour with Total Recall at the latter’s home country of Italy.

Balgurra on the other hand are set to play their fifth show next week at Sheffield’s Network.

Mr Attenborough expanded on the first gigs with the band: “If you’ve got chemistry with the other bands, that’s where the fun is for us. And if a few people call us afterwards and say ‘I really enjoyed that’, then all the hours in the practice room and all the money on gear and that, it’s… it’s worth it.”

The heavy hardcore group are set to play around the country over the next few months and promote themselves before the release of their EP in summer.

Last night’s event was a bittersweet return for Depravity, who were looking forward to their return to Sheffield after a three-year hiatus.

Monday night’s gig was also the first-ever visit to Sheffield by Total Recall.

Written by Sachin Shaw

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