MP seeks justice for Sheffield households still without replacement appliances following major gas incident

A Sheffield MP has written to government regulator Ofgem as some households are still yet to receive replacement boilers, fires and cookers after a gas main flood in Stannington.

Four months on from the serious gas incident, which saw numerous appliances wrecked due to the flooding, some households in Stannington are yet to receive necessary repairs or replacements they were promised at the time of the incident.

Some people have been forced to pay spurious gas bills as a result.

Olivia Blake, MP for Sheffield Hallam, said: “Some people in Stannington have still not had appliances fixed, are being charged extortionate amounts for gas they couldn’t use & haven’t received compensation.

“I’ve written to Ofgem calling for immediate support to address these failings.”

Her letter was addressed to Ofgem CEO, Jonathan Brearley, which discussed the problems associated with calculating bills using flooded gas meters, how compensation would be provided and the ongoing outstanding repair work.

Image of a junction in Stannington in April 2023 (top), compared to December 2022 (bottom). The streets may no longer be littered with roadworks from the gas incident but some residents are still bearing its consequences.

Cadent Gas and their contractor had been responsible for the repairs but on March 1 the responsibility was transferred to Yorkshire Water.

Cadent confirmed that compensation has been paid directly to residents who were affected by a loss of gas as a result of this incident.

In a statement on their website Cadent said “We also took the decision to pay above our standard compensation rate as a gesture of goodwill”.

They also said they are continuing to make repairs and replacements to any remaining appliances whilst providing support to customers.

In December Cadent confirmed that more than 3,000 properties were impacted whether by the loss of gas completely, poor pressure or damage caused to boilers and appliances.

The affected homes had to survive without gas for up to two weeks last December with some even experiencing the water flooding out of the appliances themselves which resulted in the significant or unrepairable damage.

Blake said: “I have been lobbying Ministers nationally for greater aid and have had rolling discussions with the council, Cadent, Yorkshire Water and others to support those in the area.”

Written by Christian Wood

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