Armed police seize ‘American Bully’ dog after shocking attack in Rotherham street

A dog has been seized by armed police after reports that it bit several people in a Rotherham street.

Officers were called to the Broom area after reports of a loose dog on Oakwood Drive at approximately 4.30pm on Friday.

The dog, described as an American Bully crossbreed, allegedly caused minor injuries to a 64-year-old woman’s leg and several others when attempts were made to restrain it.

Nazreen Hashraf, 42, a teaching assistant, of Oakwood Drive said: “We didn’t notice until the police arrived, and then we didn’t know what was going on. It was quite chaotic.

“It’s shocking. This is a quiet road, lots of kids around here, and for my family, we’ve been celebrating Eid. My kids have been playing outside. God knows what would have happened if they’d been bitten.”

One man, who also suffered minor injuries to his arm, was able to tie the dog to a tree before contacting the police.

Beth McAllister, 31, a hairdresser, of nearby Ledsham Road, said: “I feel awful for it and those involved. It’s not nice when you try to do the right thing and you end up getting hurt. There’s been a lot of trouble recently with vicious dogs, not just in Rotherham.”

The incident comes after multiple incidents in Rotherham involving dog attacks in the last week.

Michael Sutton, 54, a builder, of nearby Broom Lane, said: “I couldn’t believe it. The poor thing. It was obviously frightened, had its ears cropped and everything. It’s sad, really, that it’s got to be put down. I mean, if it’s bitten people it has to be, but I hope the owners are found and charged. They should be ashamed of themselves.”

Paula Robertson, 65, a retired pharmacist, also of Broom Lane, added: “Well, as usual, it will be irresponsible owners. The poor dog was terrified and disoriented with the armed police surrounding it. I saw it sitting next to the tree, I’d be afraid too.

“I hope it doesn’t get hurt, but we’re so close to the schools and main roads. That kind of dog shouldn’t be a domestic pet.”

A police spokesperson said no major injuries had been reported, and after seizing the dog at 5pm, enquiries to locate the owner are ongoing.

Anyone with information should come forward by contacting South Yorkshire Police via webchat, their online portal, or by calling 101.

Written by Ruth George

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