The Tangled Dance Company open their ‘Curious Curiosity Shop’ in Sheffield

The Tangled Dance Company continued their tour with their production “The Curious Curiosity Shop” on the 16th of April at the Weston Park Museum in Sheffield.

The company was founded in 2013 by Amy Hallam, a Manchester-based dance artist & choreographer and graduate of The Northern School of Contemporary Dance. They began with their first outdoor production ‘Once Upon A Twisted Tale’ first toured in the North West in 2014 and have since then created and presented various site specific original productions working with professional dancers, music composers and designers to create a magical experience.

The Curious Curiosity Shop was created in 2022 with a cast of professional dancers, actors, youth dancers and community supporting cast. It is a live and digital site-specific dance theatre performance that journeys through museums, galleries and heritage buildings.

Ms Hallam said:” We are very into creating an experience for people. It’s not just a dance piece, it’s an immersive experience that invites people into a sort of this magical world, that’s what we aim for with our productions.”

The production promenades, there are six scenes that go through different rooms and the audience follows into each room. The story revolves around an old curiosity shop that’s creeping back to life and the audience meets different characters along the way with the ‘keeper of keys’, a quirky, mysterious and lovable character, leading the audience.

Ms Hallam said: ”Upcycling is the heart of the piece, it’s the heart of the company. All the props and costumes are upcycled from all sorts of different things. We have bits of beds, chairs, broken bits of everything and that’s how we developed as a company and it’s the same with the costumes.”

The company will be touring at Bramall Hall in Stockport in July, the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool in October- November and at Clifton Park Museum in Rotherham in December.

Erin Barton, 19, a student from the University of Sheffield said:”. I enjoyed the movement throughout and it was very abstract. I thought it was a really good depiction of art, of interaction and relationship with things and how we use them and upcycle them and change the meaning of them throughout time.”

Visit their website for more information.  

Written by Harsh Srivastava

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