Victims Voices premiere intended to raise public awareness of knife crime

A premiere of the short film Victims Voices has been held at Sheffield Town Hall organised by a non-profit organisation called Always An Alternative. 

This premiere aims to bring to light the true devastation that knife crime causes through the eyes of those that were closest to the victims, their families, friends and communities.

Organisers hope that it will prevent further lives from being taken by knives.

The premiere includes a Victims Voices documentary, some local artwork, a memorial called the tree of opportunity and a Risk vs Reward documentary.

The scene of the Victims Voice premiere and some of the artwork

The documentary records the devastation that knife crime causes through the eyes of families, friends, and communities. 

There are some knife attack cases that happened in Sheffield and one of a victim called Kavan Brissett. 

Libby Hamilton, Kavan’s aunty said: “He was so genuine so kind. He was so loving. He was very affectionate. that side of him obviously we miss the impact of Kavan being killed, being taken away.”

Nancy Fielder is the former editor of Sheffield Star. Although she is not directly affected by knife crime, shooting a lot of stories with regard to that crime. She said: “How do we truly make people feel safe in our city? I think everybody could do more.”

The artworks were created by local artists and schools to raise public consciousness of knife crime.

One of the artworks from Woodlands Primary

Anthony Olaseinde, the founder of Always An Alternative, said: “I saw someone get killed When I was 15 or 16. I’ve seen shooting the studies and it didn’t affect me.

“It was all the time I tried to start making a difference and I was receiving videos and stuff where it really hit man. 

“Now I was focusing on the young people and helping them and working on that mindset which I absolutely love.”

He added: “I’ll now do it forever for free because you know it’s just something that means a lot to me and so I think that’s everything.

“I just want to always be alternative. I wanna work with people. I want to reach the kids, and make sure they don’t miss out anything. And I just want us not to hang around.”

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