Programme to encourage healthy eating in schools helps the most deprived areas of the city

A new funding scheme is helping 30 Sheffield schools teach healthy eating and support food-related initiatives. 

Eat Smart Sheffield’s small grant scheme is in line with the city council’s ethos of developing a healthier, fairer and greener society for all.

Lisa Aldwin, programme manager at Eat Smart Sheffield, said their two main aims were to give schools the appropriate tools to make adjustments to their food curriculum and to spread an awareness to pupils and their families of good quality affordable food, food sources and sustainability.

The programme has a focus on the 20% most deprived areas of the city,

Mrs Aldwin said: “Where we feel the need is greatest and where we can be of most benefit.”

The programme has launched a small grant scheme that awards up to £250. 

Over 50 schools applied to take part with 30 receiving funding.

Mrs Aldwin said the grants had been spent on “a variety of exciting food related initiatives”.

Some of these include cooking equipment, extra curricular activities, smoothie makers and food classes. 

Mrs Aldwin said: “The idea came as, often when speaking to schools, money was a barrier to their food-related activities.”

She added that the grant scheme allows for some of Eat Smart Sheffield’s budget to help combat this issue.

The Eat Smart Sheffield programme has a Food for Life Award that rewards schools for their commitment to good food culture and covers food quality, education, culture, community and partnerships.

A total of 63 schools have enrolled for the award, 10 schools have achieved the Bronze Award and one school has achieved Silver. 

The programme has trained over 100 staff and delivers a range of services to spread awareness on healthy eating.

When asked about the cost of living crisis, Ms Aldwin said: “We are aware that it is generally more expensive to eat healthy foods than less healthy food.

“We are helping as best we can by providing recipes, resources and top tips on how to eat well on a budget.”

For more information about Eat Smart Sheffield go to or follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at @eatsmartsheff.

Written by Georgia Cook

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