Nearly 200 drivers prosecuted in four days for poor and selfish driving in Sheffield

Roads policing officers took to greater heights to catch reckless drivers in a four day long operation in which 185 drivers were stopped for selfish and careless driving behaviours. 

As part of Operation Tramline, a Roads Policing Officer secured an unmarked Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) tractor unit from National Highways to enable them to see into vehicles of a greater height, as well as cars below them.

Of those stopped, 41 drivers were found to be using their mobile phone while driving, 15 were not in proper control of their vehicle, 73 were not wearing a seatbelt and ten were driving without due care and attention.

Stand out examples of poor driving behaviour include an HGV driver caught steering with his knees whilst eating lunch from his lap and using a phone.

Since the initiative began, Operation Tramline has stopped 9,674 vehicles across the UK. 

The operation comes after a number of fatal road accidents due to reckless driving in Sheffield, one in which a woman was killed by dangerous driving in February 2023. 

Roads Policing Acting Sergeant Rodney McEnery said: “As police officers we are sadly familiar with seeing death and fatalities on our roads and delivering the news to a family that their loved one has died never gets any easier.

“I urge drivers to think about how they would feel if they killed someone, as ultimately this is what can happen without your full attention being on the road.

“If it makes one driver change their behaviour and think twice, then it’s worth it, as all these offences can and do cost lives. Innocent people die.”

Through Operation Tramline, the top three offences detected are mobile phone use, seatbelt offences, and drivers not being in proper control.

Sergeant Rodney McEnery continued: “Everyone can take simple steps to reduce risk to other drivers; put your phone away, put your seatbelt on, don’t speed and ensure you’re following the laws surrounding your vehicle’s use.”

The operation ran from 6th March to 10th March and the work of the SYP Operational Support Unit can be followed on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Written by Tara Nagra

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