Sheffield hospital patients among residents hit by postal delays

Delays from Royal Mail have led to a backlog of Mother’s Day cards, birthday cards, hospital letters and fuel vouchers to be delivered in parts of Sheffield. 

Crookes residents have had to wait weeks for their letters to be delivered with important correspondence such as information on hospital appointments being delayed and one person waiting almost a fortnight. 

Georgia Arnold, 59, a resident of the Crookes area said: “I know we’ve had snow and there’s apparently staff shortages but it’s very frustrating as some mail is over a week late now.

”There is also an issue of people on pre-payment meters not receiving their fuel vouchers due to the mail delays.”

This comes just days after Royal Mail was referred to regulators by the House of Commons committee for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

The committee of MPs said the postal service has been putting more emphasis on the delivery of parcels rather than letters and cards and have failed to fulfil their duty of having “at least one delivery of letters every Monday to Saturday to all homes or premises in the UK”.

The committee also found that the number of first class letters delivered the next working day was 20 percentage points below its 93% target.

With delays occurring over Mother’s Day, celebrations were slightly dimmed as many cards arrived late.

Isobel Sheridan,19, a student at the University of Sheffield said: “I made sure to send a card to my mum so that it would be there days before Mother’s Day but it still wasn’t delivered in time.” 

In addition to cards and hospital correspondence being missed, those on prepayment fuel plans have been unable to receive their fuel vouchers to heat their homes. This comes in the middle of a cost of living crisis and exceedingly cold temperatures.

These disruptions also come soon after further controversy due to a cyber-attack in January that stopped international shipping through January and February.

Earlier disruption became an issue in December 2022 after a series of strikes concerning the Royal Mail in 2022, in which over 86% of workers voted to strike.

Royal Mail has been contacted for a comment.

Written by Erin Morris

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