Sharrow Lantern Carnival: Community parades the streets 

An annual carnival showcasing luminous lanterns and live music saw crowds of families from Sharrow gather together on Sunday evening.

The free Sharrow Lantern Carnival consisted of bright hand-crafted lanterns made by members of the Sharrow community lighting the streets.

Kirsty Davidson, 28, a nurse from Tapton Hill Road, said: “It’s amazing because the community put so much effort into this and it’s just lovely to see.”

Around 1,000 people watched as the event passed their homes or followed the carnival throughout.

The carnival gathered at 5.30pm in Mount Pleasant Park and set off at 6pm down Vincent Road to Lowfield Park. 

Crowds travelled throughout Sharrow Lane, London Road, Highfield Road and Holland Road. 

Despite causing roadblocks and traffic, members of the public did express their fascination. 

Leanne Bailey, 20, a student from Crookesmoor Road, said: “Although I’ve had to wait for quite a while for traffic to ease up, it is nice to see people out enjoying themselves.”

Volunteers and carnival members serenaded the street in pink costumes with musical instruments from trumpets to drums.

To finish the carnival, samba bands and fire dancers performed.

The event ended at 7.30pm but attendees had the opportunity to gather at an AfterParty Fundraiser at Haggler’s Corner on Queens Road for food, drinks and music.

Richard Tompson, 69, who is retired and lives in Ashford Road in Sharrow Vale said: “This is exactly what the community needs, we need to come together.” 

The annual carnival is run by the Sharrow Lantern Carnival Association volunteers. 

Lantern making workshops took place around Sharrow in the weeks preceding the carnival. 

Donations from over 80 individuals and several organisations contributed to the cost of £2,500 to run the carnival.

Sharrow Lantern Carnival organisers expressed their gratitude to donors on Facebook.

They said: “We’d like to give a special thanks to all our partners who helped make this year’s carnival possible.” 

Listed was Sharrow Community Forum, Cemetery Road Baptist Church and several more.

The carnival was initially set up in 2004 as a celebration of the end of the Iraq war. Organisers planned to come together to celebrate and connect through creativity.

Partnerships with local businesses and organisations provided support for the event such as South Yorkshire Police and Sheffield City Council.

To donate to next year’s Sharrow Lantern Carnival visit the website www.sharrow lantern

Written by Marie Touray

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