Fuel tanker crash blocks Abbeydale Road, Sheffield, during rush hour

A fuel tanker and a grey mini collided this morning on Abbeydale Road causing congestion during rush hour.

The crash was witnessed by those passing by and local shop owners at around 8.30am this morning.

Will Oliphant, a cyclist who saw the aftermath of the crash on his way to work, said: “I was cycling towards town from Totley this morning when I saw what had happened. It looked like there’d been some kind of collision. 

“There was a grey mini sitting in the middle of the road and a lorry almost completely blocking the side of the road heading into the city. 

“It wasn’t clear what had happened, but while I was passing there was a fire engine blocking the side of the road out of town and a long queue of cars stuck behind it. A lot of cars were turning around and heading back either into or out of town. 

“Vehicles were trying to squeeze up onto the pavement to get around the lorry. Two police 4x4s arrived just as I was leaving. I presume they were there to control the traffic. 

“I was there about 8.50am and I had already heard people talking about it when I was on the school run, saying that it was causing long tailbacks.”

The road is a major artery into the city and the incident caused major delays for those commuting into Sheffield city centre.

Helen from The Hair Bar said: “It’s always a bit of a bottleneck down that road.”

Mr Oliphant said: “There’s already been problems on that stretch of road. The traffic is really bad at the moment because there are temporary traffic lights near Dore train station and it’s taking a long time for cars to get through.”

After rush hour the crash was quickly cleared within the hour.

Debbie from Seasons gallery said: “There was traffic moving either side but slowly it didn’t cause too much congestion luckily.”

Ambulance, fire and police all attended the incident.

South Yorkshire police has been contacted for further details.

Written by Isabella Francois

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