Thousands of vinyls sold at one of Sheffield’s biggest vinyl fairs

Thousands of vinyls were sold at AA Records Fair in the Moor Market last weekend which attracted people from all ages.

The fair on Saturday, which was organised by Adrian Wells and Andy Wellington, saw a variety of music sold from The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band to the Black Sabbath’s Master of Reality.

The pair were selling around 10,000 vinyls whilst there were 18 other dealers there on the day also selling music. Prices of the vinyls ranged from £1 to over £100. 

Mr Wells expressed the importance of the Moor Market as a venue, saying: “We want to have venues where there is passing trade as well.

“There are hundreds of people in this room that don’t know anything about vinyl; they come past and flick through the boxes and may decide to buy a couple of things and eventually they may even go and buy a turntable.” 

He added: “Here you get lots of kids with parents and groups of girls come in and it’s a varied collection of people that come because we are in a public space and that’s what makes it work.“

Sean Barratt, a vinyl dealer who has sold heavy metal since 2008 and has been taking part in vinyl fairs for five years was at the event.

He said: “You meet people from all walks of life; you can stand there talking heavy metal to a 15-year-old who has just got into it to someone who is 75 who was around when Black Sabbath put their first album out.”

He also expressed the importance of the fairs on his social life. He said: “I met a good friend at a record fair who came to buy Slayer off of me and we’ve been pals ever since.” 

Mr Wells initially started his career as a vinyl dealer by selling online and then running vinyl shops. This then led to AA Records Fairs starting in 2019. 

He said: “We hated having shops. We liked being out and about and doing things, and we would see how other people ran fairs and what fairs were like and we wanted to take them in a slightly different direction.”

AA Records Fairs takes place every weekend at a venue within a 66 mile radius of Sheffield.

Written by John Cresswell

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