Street furniture in Walkley gets artistic treatment

An artist has teamed up with a charity to bring some colour to drab looking street furniture in Walkley.

The artist who goes by Enso has collaborated with community enterprise Zest in order to brighten up a dull looking electrical box in Walkley.

Zest is a community led charity which seeks to deliver high quality and responsive services to the community.

Enso is an artist residing in Sheffield who has created a variety of artwork including murals around the city of Sheffield, sharing his unique and interesting designs with the public.

Enso has previously done other public art pieces around Sheffield such as murals which you can see on Broadfield Road, Ecclesall Road, Parkwood Road, and an extremely detailed and eye-catching piece on Brown Street.

Enso’s resume and gallery of work makes it easy to see why a community charity such as Zest, who have a goal to improve local wellbeing, want to work with an artist such as himself.

His basis of calligraphy, geometry, and mark-making are evident within his work as well as the inspirations which he takes from his studies into Buddhism and Psychology.

The work which Enso is doing for the charity is taking place on an electricity box in Walkley, Sheffield. A variety of paints, inks, and spray paint is being used to create the piece for the community. The piece is eye-catching and a fond edition to the local community.

Although a lot of work has been done by Enso on the electricity box it is yet to be finished as the artist shared on social media: “There are a few touching up bits to do still but I was rudely cut off by the recent snow.”

Although the weather has affected the completion of the art piece, the construction of the piece is already catching the attention of the public.

Erin Morris, 19, a student at the University of Sheffield, said that the artwork “immediately caught my attention” as she was passing through Walkley.

When asked what she thinks about the piece Miss. Morris said: “I think it is great for the local area as it gets people talking and brings people together.”

Miss. Morris, who was walking her dog Suggs at the time, said: “the artwork is extremely pet friendly and not once was Suggs upset.”

The artwork being pet friendly emphasises the contributions that Enso’s art will bring to the community due to his collaboration with Zest.

Written by Thomas Halliday

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