Outrage as council plans to build 150 new homes could destroy beloved nature trail

A petition has been launched to prevent Sheffield City Council from getting rid of 22 acres of green space to allow new homes to be built.

The new homes are to be built on the Moor Valley opposite the Diamond cottages in the south East of Sheffield.

Planning permission was originally refused on the grounds of ecological preservation however Sheffield have reintroduced their plans to build on the land.

People have expressed their concerns about the plans and the petition currently has 616 signatures.

Michael Meredith, who set up the petition, said: “Surely it is difficult to understand why Sheffield would destroy open space, used and loved by the local community.”

Kathryn Caterer, a managing director and local resident whose house backs onto the fields, said: “It’s a popular area with walkers and has some wonderful wildlife. We cannot let this happen it would be a disaster for the area and the wildlife.

“We only moved in last year and we wouldn’t have bought the house if we knew 150 houses would be replacing that beautiful view.”

Despite the objection, some people believe that the new houses should be built, such as Luke Clayton who said on Facebook: “It’s another 200 houses that us younger folk definitely need”.

The area in which the council are attempting to build on is plot F of the Owlthorpe Grassland Grazing Project which is part of the the award winning Owlthorpe Heritage and nature trail.

This has received government funding under the natural England higher level stewardship agreement and is a trail that local people appear to be proud of.

Gary West also commented on the Mosborough Community Group page on Facebook: “If they build on this land it would be an absolute travesty”.

The trail was opened in March 2012 by children from three local primary schools with the help of David Caufield, Sheffield City Council Officer, Clive Betts, MP for Sheffield South East and Sheffield City Council Officer Helen Merfin-Bourkouris. The trail is at risk of being destroyed if the council goes ahead with these plans.

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