CityFibre broadband internet overnight works cause outrage in Nether Edge

People in Nether Edge have complained after overnight works by a broadband company laying new cables in the city.

They claim that CityFibre has been carrying out works throughout the night until 6am.

They are set to continue throughout March on many roads throughout the area. These include, Machon Bank Road, Greenhill avenue, Kenwood Park Road and more.

Many people have said they are shocked by the timing of the works.

Helen Simmons, 40, said the works had caused difficulties for her as she tried to care for her elderly parents.

She said: “Not only was it irritating at early morning but also in the middle of the night. It started with 8am drilling. Before that things started to arrive. We were told a few times to move the car to various places.

“To be clear this is my parents house I’m talking about. I was staying at theirs as they are elderly and my dad was unwell. Now imagine my dad had to go out into the cold to move the car which was on their drive.”

CityFibre is the largest open access, fibre only operator in the UK. It operate throughout cities and towns across the country.

One of the main issues people in the area complained of was the lack of consultation by the council.

Mrs Simmons added: “We just received a letter which was just thrown outside our house. The next day they arrived. Neither the council nor this company discussed it.

“Lets come to the evening. It was three sleepless nights. I was shocked that they were allowed to drill till three or four in the morning.

“This was during the week and the fact that there are many elderly people living here with dementia was shocking. They left all their stuff lying around. Gosh. They then came at 4 in the morning to pick up the fences.”

Written by Rahul Shah

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