Campaigners set to lie in road in memory of cyclist who died to raise awareness of cycle safety

Members of a campaign set up in memory of a cyclist who died following a collision with a car in Sheffield will take part in a “die-in” to raise awareness of cycle safety in the city.

The Lane Campaign was set up in memory of Dr Adrian Lane, 58, who died on September 15, 2022 after he was involved in a crash while cycling on Ringinglow Road, Ecclesall. 

The die-in will involve cyclists lying in the road for a period of time, disrupting the traffic, while the group hand out information to passers by in a bid to improve cycle safety. 

It will take place at 1pm on Saturday and the group say that while their protest may hold up traffic temporarily, “it’s important to remember that Adrian never made it home”. 

Dr Lane died just a week before he was due to retire and move to Spain. 

The Lane Campaign hopes for the junction to Common Lane, where Dr Lane was hit, to be squared off, forcing drivers to slow down to allow for more awareness of cyclists. Ringinglow Road is a popular route for cyclists heading out to the Peak District. 

The group would also like there to be a change in speed limit to 20mph between the residential area to Ringinglow Village and separate cycling paths. 

Sarah Cotton, a friend of Dr Lane’s, said the campaign was set up because “If this had been me he would have been fighting.”

She described the campaign as a “very Adrian thing to do”. 

Mrs Cotton said the Lane Campaign got its name because it represents everything, his name, where the accident happened and the need for more cycle lanes. 

Mrs Cotton described Dr Lane as being a very spontaneous, charismatic and active person who “never sat still”. 

She said: “He was always championing the things he believed in and wanted direct action so setting up the campaign seemed the right thing to do.”

One of the speakers at the event on Saturday will be Monica Bolado, Adrian’s widow. 

Mrs Cotton added that aim of the campaign is “building awareness trying to lobby to make awareness trying to lobby to make that part of the city safer for cyclists”.

A vigil was held last week to mark the 6-month anniversary of Dr Lane’s death. 

The protest will start at 12.30pm at the Common Lane Junction, with the die-in taking place at 1pm. The cyclists will then cycle en-masse to Sheffield Town Hall. 

Written by Sofia Ali

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