Sheffield politicians continue to push for support since the year anniversary of the Ukraine invasion

Politicians are continuing to push for more support for Ukrainians who are seeking refuge in Sheffield – following events to mark a year since the Russian invasion.

A year since the conflict began, Sheffield showed its ongoing support by holding a vigil in the city centre.

Olivia Blake, Labour MP for Sheffield Hallam, who spoke at the vigil, said this week: ” It has been humbling to work with the Ukrainian community in Sheffield and I will continue to push for more support for Ukrainian refugees and all people seeking sanctuary in the UK”.

Friday 24 February marked one year since Ukraine was invaded by Russia and Sheffield City Council illuminated the Town Hall in the blue and yellow colours of the national flag to support the community.

Alongside this, speakers addressed the crowd with words of encouragement and support, thanking the people of Sheffield for their efforts to help Ukraine these past 12 months.

A giant Ukrainian flag was unveiled in Sheffield city centre to mark the anniversary of the invasion

Mrs Blake was alongside other speakers at the vigil that included politicians, businesses and charities, all offering their support to the community.

She said: “We heard from those who have been forced to flee and about loved ones who have tragically lost their lives.”

She emphasised that she was ‘honoured’ to join the Sheffield community to mark a year since the invasion.

Other groups in the community such as the South Yorkshire Scouts helped by buying fabric for the giant Ukrainian flag that was held by the crowd above the vigil.

Future events such as a organised march around the city with a Ukrainian flag have been organised and to raise awareness of the importance to raise awareness about the importance of continuing to support Ukraine.

Written by Nicole Hannam

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