Sheffield bares the brunt of cost of living crisis

New polling figures have revealed that the Sheffield public felt the consequences of the cost of living crisis more than the national average. 

Figures from a poll conducted by a campaigning group, 38 Degrees, showed all five Sheffield constituencies polled above the national average of 35% when participants were questioned if they couldn’t afford to turn their heating on. 

Heeley had the most significant proportion of participants who stated they could not afford to turn on the heating, 14% above the national average.

38 Degrees is an online campaigning organisation involving two million people from every corner of the UK. They look to help people make their voices heard on issues they care about. 

The newly released figures from a poll conducted by 38 degrees show the effects the cost of living crisis has had on the Sheffield public. 

The Sheffield constituencies of Heeley, Hallam, Sheffield Central, Sheffield South East, Brightside and Hillsborough all polled above the national average of the percentage of people who said the financial struggles are harming their mental health.

Brightside and Hillsborough polled higher than the national average when asked if they had missed rent payments in the previous six months, feared having to use a food bank, and couldn’t afford to turn on their heating.

Matthew McGregor, CEO of 38 Degrees, said: “A Government that has abandoned people in the face of a devastating economic crisis cannot expect to keep the support of the public. 

“At 38 Degrees, we campaign for a Britain that’s fairer for everyone, but there’s nothing fair about a cost of living crisis that has left families unable to heat their homes or feed their kids while energy companies rake in multi-billion pound profits.”

The government says it has cut the energy bill for every household by £400 this winter, with extra help for less well off families.

Survation, commissioned by 38 Degrees, conducted the national poll. The target audience was adults in the UK who were 18 or older. The fieldwork dates for the survey were from 10th February to 16th February 2023.

For the survey, Survation gathered 6,094 UK adults nationwide and weighted the sample to ensure it represented the total aged 18 or older UK adult population.

To learn more about the ramifications, check out the 38 Degrees polling results by clicking here

Written by Jack Dean

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