Contractors make safe tree damaged in snow storm in Gleadless Valley

Contractors were called out to make safe an overhanging tree branch on a popular route to a Sheffield primary school, following concerns expressed by residents.

People on Spotswood Road, Gleadless, were worried after heavy snow and high winds loosened the branch on Friday last week.

Pete Frost, a resident of Spotswood Road, said “The tree has a history of losing branches in heavy snow and high winds.”

This proved particularly threatening due to the busy nature of Spotswood Road, being a popular residential area.

Safety precautions were taken by residents, alongside the road eventually being closed to the public.

Mr Frost said “We had to move our cars.”

Not only does this impact residents who have to travel for their jobs, it also impacts parents and drivers travelling through the area to drop their children to school.

Mr Frost said “The group in my mind that were most at risk were the kids. The path at the side of the road is a main route to Bankwood Primary School which is about a 10 minute walk away.”

Alongside this, members of the community group worried for their safety, alongside valuable possessions such as cars.

Mikey Harrison, a member of the Gleadless Valley community group, said “I’ve just reported it as a matter of emergency since it could cause serious harm or depth to the public along with vehicles that could be damaged which now it’s been reported if anything does happen they should be held accountable.”

The Amber weather warned that conditions could force the closure of schools and disrupt transport.

Similarly, the top of Spotswood Road was closed off to prevent accidents occurring, despite drivers still bypassing the closure.

Contractors made the tree safe on Monday in time for students returning to school and working individuals.

Yet, this hazard has been experienced throughout Sheffield, with fallen branches occurring in the Endcliffe area.

Sheffield council was contacted for a comment but had not responded before publication.

Written by Lewis Pearson

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