App launched for the whole of March to celebrate Easter by encouraging prayer walking

A Christian app for prayer walking across Sheffield has become live for the whole of March to encourage people to connect with the city and each other.

Arise was first launched in March 2021 as a result of the Covid pandemic preventing Christians from attending churches.

Prayer walking is described as a chance for Christians to get out of church buildings and see what they can be thankful for in the area and what good is already happening.

The CEO of Arise Sheffield, Ben Woollard, said: “One purpose of the app is that prayer connects you with your local area and changes you, it helps you to be more present and connected.

“It’s way of engaging with the local area. When people are engaged with their area, they are moved to action and they are moved to seeing change.”

In previous years, Christians meeting up to prayer walk have led to conversations resulting in community buildings being renovated, fun days being set up and struggling people being bought food.

Arise says the aim this year is to cover the city in prayer: the more a road is prayed on, the brighter it glows on the app.

Christians around the city use the app to pray and it gives a real picture of how many areas have been covered in prayer.

Kinder Kalsi, an Arise user, said: “Arise has been special. It’s got us out prayer walking regularly to places we didn’t know existed.

“We’ve seen God’s hand at work in different things that have come out from out prayer walking.”

The app also aims to discover prayer needs by allowing uploads of prayer requests on the app for hundreds of other users to pray for.

Sixty churches across Sheffield are displaying banners that show a QR code where anyone can submit anonymous prayer requests.

Mr Woollard said: “Whatever faith people are, they really appreciate prayer. It’s a way of showing real support to people around us.”

Arise encourages a sense of community through organised prayer walks and resources aimed at children so families can walk together.

For more information on how you can get involved in Arise, follow their Instagram @arisesheffield or visit their website at

Picture courtesy of Arise:March

Written by Eloise Cox

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