Famous Sheffield landmarks celebrated in new Steel City colouring book

Colouring fanatics are now able to mix their passion with the city that they live in and all that it has to offer.

Adam Postlethwaithe, a former University of Sheffield student and current Sheffield resident published a colour book containing templates of the city’s famous architecture and landmarks.

The book includes a wide variety of landmarks, ranging from The Leadmill and the Cathedral to the Winter and Botanical Gardens.

He said: “I tried to include a range of well known landmarks and maybe a few lesser known ones to encourage people to explore the city.”

Adam moved to Sheffield to study and has remained in and around the City since, having lived in Crookes before moving just north of the city, where he works as a clinical psychologist.

He has previously published two other colouring books.

Adam works with the elderly people and people with learning difficulties, and has found that colouring can be an effective and meaningful activity that helps to bond carers and the people they are caring for.

“Colouring is often a pleasant and relaxing activity and having local landmarks and points of interest might be helpful for reminiscence work or to spark conversations between carers and the people they are caring for,” he said.

Adam created his first colouring book on the town of Blackpool for a colouring “obsessed” relative when he couldn’t find any online.

He said: “I started with a Blackpool colouring book because I have a relative with learning disabilities who is obsessed with Blackpool and colouring books.

“We couldn’t find any online for her for Christmas so I decided to make one myself. I quite enjoyed the process so decided to carry on as a bit of a hobby. And if nobody buys any then at least she will enjoy them.”

Whilst Adam admits that the process is “quite time consuming”, he hopes people can enjoy and benefit from his hard work and creativity.

The book is available to purchase on Amazon, and whilst there aren’t any current plans to sell the book in stores, there could be in the future.

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