Drivers unhappy after Sheffield City Council announces price increases for electric vehicle charging

Sheffield City Council has announced plans to implement tariffs on their rapid electric vehicle chargers around the city.

This scheme was enforced by the council in an attempt to maintain the sustainability of running the charging points following a surge in energy costs across the country.

These extra costs will be applied on Saturday, April 1, 2023, with prices increasing from 30p per kWh to 72 per kWh, to the dismay of many motorists around Sheffield. 

The rising costs of running the 20 charging points round Sheffield had previously been absorbed by the council, however the council’s says this is no longer economically viable, therefore it is now going to fall to the drivers themselves. 

Charlotte Boyle, 20, a student and owner of an electric car said: “How do the government and council expect to maintain a more eco-friendly alternative to driving when prices for it are increasing, especially in this cost of living crisis? Driving is hard enough to finance as it is.”

The council has also set out to prevent people from occupying the charging spaces for longer than needed; they are planning to increase the charge for overstaying the allotted one hour free parking limit from £10 to £20. 

The decision to apply these changes was made to align their pricing structure with the national average for EV charging tariffs. 

Councillor Mazher Iqbal, Co-Chair of Transport, Regeneration & Climate Committee, said: “We know the rise in the charging point tariff may have a financial impact on some, and we’ve done our absolute best to sustain this low price for as long as possible.

“The council has absorbed much of the cost for keeping the tariffs low, however, with energy prices increasing, this simply isn’t sustainable moving forward.” 

There was already existing criticism from the drivers of Sheffield about the overall maintenance of EV charging points and complaints about the lack of them across the city.

However, Councillor Iqbl added that the council will soon add two rapid charging stations and 46 fast charging points to allow for more accessibility. 

To find out more about this upcoming scheme visit Changes to EV charging tariffs (

Written by Mia Gajree

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