Businesses facing traffic misery over coaches parked near Bramall Lane

Firms near Bramall Lane are being impacted by the parking of coaches on nearby Harwood Street, and some are even relocating to other parts of the city.

With over 15 fan coaches being parked on the narrow street, roads are being blocked on matchdays, which is more usually more than once a week due to Saturday kick offs, as well as midweek fixtures.

One Stop Motorist Centre on Harwood Street is one of few businesses affected.

Dave Minns, a worker at the centre, said: ‘Saturday morning, they put the cones down across the road, and the road closed signs, so nobody can get down, they would have to open the cones to get through, but the road is shut at the top.’

With frequent early kick offs, Mr Minns said the buses seem to be getting there earlier and earlier.

‘The later kick offs don’t affect us too much, but the 12:30pm early kick offs affect us even more because the buses for the supporters and what not start coming down at 9:30am, and they put the cones out, so no cars can come through,’ he said.

This is especially damaging as they close on 12:30pm on Saturdays, therefore the roads are being blocked 3 hours before they finish.

‘The buses start coming down before we have even finished because it’s a 12:30 kick off, and sometimes we can’t get out’

With the shop being an auto repair shop, cars being able to access the shop is a concern.

Mr Minns is wary about losing potential customers.

He said: ‘I would say we are losing some customers because people’s cars can’t get down here.’

‘Also, some people think that it’s shut because they can’t get through, so its not ideal because we’re losing people that might want to come down’.

A handful of other businesses have also felt the impact of the road blockage.

Mr Minns said: ‘It affected a lot of people, you got the gym down the road, the tattooist, Yorkshire Tiles, and a Chinese takeaway even moved to the middle of town.’

Chinese restaurant ‘Mom’s Kitchen’ moved from Harwood Street to Campo Lane.

Davidson’s Marking Equipment have also moved and are now based in Sorby Street.

Chinese Takeaway relocated to Campo Lane.

Davidson’s Marking Equipment have also relocated to Sorby Street.

Written by Ruhan Sadman

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