Two stabbed in gang fight in Heeley

Police have revealed that two men were stabbed during a disturbance involving up to 20 people in the Heeley neighbourhood of Sheffield.

Police were called to View Road, Heeley on 5 March, 2022 at around 6pm to what they thought was a roadside collision but soon discovered there had also been a stabbing.

In a statement issued today, South Yorkshire Police said: “While at the scene, reports came in that second man had reportedly been stabbed. He was also taken to hospital and received treatment. Both men have since been discharged.”

The incident happened between The Brothers Arms and Sheaf View pubs, on View Road, off Gleadless Road, in Heeley on Sunday evening.

A man who attempted to segregate two others was knifed in the abdomen which caused him to fall to the ground, a witness said. The perpetrator then got into the passenger side of a car which was driven at a pursuer who was flipped over the bonnet.

The group dispersed when five police cars and two ambulances attended. The wounded individual was stretchered into an ambulance and taken to hospital. The other was treated at the scene. Officers impounded three cars and taped off View Road.

A witness told The Star that the car was driven at the victim “100 per cent deliberate”.

A spokesperson for South Yorkshire Police said: “An investigation is now underway to ascertain what happened and how the men came about their injuries. If you have any information, please report this through our online portal or by calling 101. The incident number to quote is 723 of March 5.”

Written by Raihan Ahmed

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