Sheffield ghost walk brings 2023 to life with spooky tales and and chilling frights during hard times

As part of the Festival Of The Outdoors, the Strange Sheffield Ghost Walks will be taking place across numerous days in March with Author Adrian Finney taking participants through everything from haunted passages to chilling 18th Century locales.

The programme initiated by the Sheffield City Council’s “Marketing Sheffield & City Futures” department has been promoting an enormous variety of events targeted at making those in the area embrace and enjoy the outdoor spaces on offer.

The walk included in the month-long celebration takes around 90 minutes and for the price of £7.50 promises to give both believing and non-believing patrons an experience they will never forget. 

Speaking to Adrian in a conversation about the upcoming walks and all things supernatural, he said he was “blown away by the response” to previous walks and in the current cost of living crisis doesn’t foresee raising the prices in the “immediate future”.

The author of “Strange Sheffield: Ghost Stories, UFO Sightings, and more all from the Steel City” sees the outings as a form of “escapism” in life and wants to share his passion for the strange and unexplained with others.

In being what Adrian described as “all the things you wish they taught you in school”, the myths regarding the infamous Black Dog will be explored, which has been a tale that has terrified the people of Sheffield going all the way back to the 12th century.

The creature haunts the road in Bunting Nook, Norton, and according to local legend, appears before cars, causing them to stall, before savaging the male passenger. It can turn itself into mist if threatened, so the story goes.

When talking about his own supernatural experiences during his time conducting events, Adrian claimed that he’d experienced a “few weird encounters” and retold a time where he and his fellow tour-goers were circled by what he detailed as looking like a “silver helium balloon” that also manoeuvred itself around a “nearby church”.

The experience with the Strange Britain group is “friendly” according to Adrian and he expressed how coming together is “now more important than ever” during these difficult times where many in the country might be feeling down.

Booking a place on any of the upcoming ghost walks including “From Plague Pits To Paradise”, “Sheffield’s Darkest Night” and “Bunting Nook Ghost Walk” can be done by visiting Walks are conducted all year round by Strange Britain.

More information about the Festival Of The Outdoors can be found on their website 

Written by Adam Thomas

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