South Yorkshire artists perform in Woodseats music festival

A ‘Tramlines-style’ festival held in Sheffield last weekend saw people traveling to Woodseats for a line-up that brought good business to 10 pubs, bars and a shoe shop.

Woodseats Live was a free-entry music festival held on Saturday and spread across different locations – including trainer restorers Glistening Kicks – with an abundance of independent artists in its line-up.

Jimmy Maddon, a glam rock and roll singer who performed at the Chantrey Arms, said: “I had the fortune of going on near the close of our venue, so by the time I got on I had a warmed up crowd of about 120 people with more cramming in from the street.

“The event itself I think exceeded all expectations and I know all venues reported record sales by 6pm and everyone got into the spirit of it.”

Fans visited the various locations in Woodseats to catch their favourite performers in action.

Jimmy said: “I had one fan travel over 200 miles to see me perform which is a testament to the festival.”

Jimmy Maddon performed at the Chantrey Arms. Picture: Mal Whichelow

Despite the event being pulled together in a short amount of time, it was received positively by the performers and audience.

Sam Scherdel, a singer-songwriter who performed at the Big Tree pub, said: “This was the first time I have ever played Woodseats but I have done all the Sheffield venues.

“How the event was put together was second to none. I’m glad we got asked at the 11th hour to be a part of it.

“Ciaron, who organised it, pulled it out of the bag, and it felt like a genuine Tramlines experience before it moved out of the centre. No discredit to Tramlines, things grow and develop.

“On a fringe festival level, it was incredible. Businesses and boozers were booming and it’s all in the name of music.”

Jimmy and Sam are both independent artists who have made a name for themselves in the music scene.

Jimmy has charted in the USA Indie Alliance Top 10 with his second album ‘Jimmy Maddon II’ to be released on 21 April this year, after his next single ‘Do You Feel?’, which comes out on 17 April, and Sam’s new single, ‘Balloon’, came out last Friday, 3 March, and it has a very ‘Born to Run’ type of vibe.

Written by Bi Ren Victoria Ho

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