Sheffield societies walk 5,000 miles for Children’s Hospital

Societies at the University of Sheffield are raising money for the city’s children’s hospital by walking 5,000 miles. 

Starting on 1 March, university cheerleading society Pom Sabrecats, in joint effort with Stunt Sabrecats, lacrosse, rugby and football societies have teamed up to raise funds and awareness for the hospital’s helipad appeal. 

The captain of Pom cheerleading, Beth Adams, said: “Together, these clubs are aiming to run, walk and cycle over 5,000 miles with the goal of engaging as many members as possible.

“It’s amazing that everyone is coming together to help such an important charity.” 

The LOGO promoting the collaboration of the Cheerleading society and the Children’s Hospital

A spokesperson for the Children’s Hospital said: “Sheffield is one of the biggest children’s hospitals in the UK. These donations change lives of children every day across the UK.” 

From walking to university to competing in their club sports, students are being encouraged to contribute and raise as much money as possible. Family and friends are able to sponsor those who are walking by donating money on the Hospitals ‘Go fund me’ page on Facebook.

Alex Lauderr, a member of the rugby club said: “I’m taking part in the walking. It’s an important cause and all the money being raised for charity is great. I’ve recently been to the Peaks with some friends to help contribute my part in the fundraiser.” 

Alex also said the other benefits of participating in the charity walk included getting some fresh air and staying healthy. He said walking with friends was good for mental health as well.

The funds will go towards equipping the hospital with a new helipad. Air ambulances are currently forced to land in Weston Park and the new helipad will be an easier and more private way for patients to access the hospital for emergency care. 

Abi Ormandy, a member of the cheerleading society said: “I have loved walking and trying to get in my steps for this fundraiser. I have taken longer routes to boots my step count.” 

Abi Ormandy tracking her steps on her phone

Abi said how important it is to come together as a society and try raise as much money as we can for such an important cause. 

Tate Nicol, a medical student who visits the Children’s Hospital frequently, also said how necessary this type of fundraiser is for the future of the hospital and that its great how something as simple as walking can make such a great impact for the hospital.

You can donate via the Go fund me page on the children’s hospital charity Facebook page, or alternatively by contacting the hospital directly on their phone number: 01143212470 or via their email:

Written by Lauren Oliver

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