Extra cash promised for Sheffield’s most deprived areas

£100,000 has been allocated by Sheffield council towards community events and development in four north east local area committees (LACs) over the next year.

Sheffield city councillors – speaking at the annual local committee meeting on the 3rd of March – promised renewed development and spending in the Firth Park, Burngreave, Southey and Shiregreen LACs.

The local government funding will be aimed at community redevelopment projects and cost-of-living struggles for people living in the highly-deprived north east area of the city.

The 100k budget, as well as remaining money from the 2022 season, will be split in each LAC amongst nine priorities and address the concerns of local residents and issues.

The LACs have already contributed to local community projects, including in regards to their parks and open spaces initiative, where local resident Margaret Wheeler of Shiregreen praised the addition of two new benches and a replaced noticeboard in Concord Park following vandalism. 

She said “It’s a lovely open space but it’s a park that needs a lot of TLC.”

Events by the Steel City Choristers and Colley Working Men’s Clubs are amongst the organisations to which funding has been allocated as part of the LAC scheme.

Construction projects including repairs and improvements to houses and green spaces in Burngreave have also been arranged as part of the Page Hall Neighbourhood Project to improve and maintain Sheffield’s houses and parks.

This funding push for the north east comes in the wake of cost-of-living struggles and underdevelopment in the north east in recent years, with the four relevant wards listed amongst the top six in multiple-deprivation for Sheffield.

Burngreave councillor Mark Jones drew particular attention to the relative lack of care from other local committees regarding the maintenance and repair of the north east’s parks.

He said “It feels like our patch is often underserved. We’ve got dedicated officers that been in our patch for a while – but they’re fighting the battle, certainly against the better parks bit and we don’t necessarily get the engagement. I don’t think there’s a better parks officer here today. They do attend other LACs; why not this one?”

The funding will run from April 2023 to 2024 at which point the council will again review their funding policy and their successes at addressing this underdevelopment.

Written by Ben Ryan

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