Sheffield Cats Shelter teams up with city centre cosmetics store Lush to raise funds for cats in need

A Sheffield organisation which cares for unwanted stray cats and kittens has joined forces with a national cosmetics retailer to raise money for cats in need.

Sheffield Cats Shelter was invited to benefit from Lush’s ‘Charity Pot’, in which all sales of hand and body lotion were donated to the cause of rehoming and caring for cats who have been abandoned or neglected in the city. A total of £150 was raised from the event at the Fargate store on Friday.

Communications and fundraising organiser, Nick Holland, who has worked at the charity for 18 months, said: “There’s no sign of cats being less in need any time soon. Our aim is to help cats in need to find a new home and have better lives.

“All too often now, cats are being abandoned.”

The Lush store in Fargate, Sheffield

The Sheffield Cats Shelter was invited to take part in the Charity Pot last year at Lush’s Meadowhall store, which raised almost £500.

Nick believes the overwhelming amount of cats in need at the moment is partly due to the cost-of-living crisis.

He said: “Our expenses are growing, but also there’s a lot more demand because people are struggling to pay their bills.

“There are people who absolutely love their pet cats but are being faced with really difficult decisions – can I carry on, can I afford to feed my cat?”

The range of products at Lush in Fargate, Sheffield

He talks with care and compassion about the cats who are neglected or abandoned throughout Sheffield, including one called Sadie, who was locked in a cat carrier and abandoned in woods.

He added: “Thankfully she did get found and brought to us, and it didn’t take long for her to get adopted.”

Nick said the work of charities like The Sheffield Cats Shelter is vital, and the support of companies like Lush is a huge boost for them.

Nick said they would love to be asked again to take part in the Charity Pot.

He added: “We love it when organisations like Lush come to us. Everyone in Lush is fantastic, so friendly.”

For more information or to support the work of Sheffield Cats Shelter visit the website.

Written by Grace Cunningham

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