City pub hosts art market for artists to show-off their colourful creations

A “Sheffield Makers Market” was held at pub Bungalows and Bears in Sheffield City Centre on Sunday where creators could sell their art to passing traders.

The market included stalls consisting of prints, stickers, clothes and merchandise.

Chris Downie, a 25-year-old film photographer, gave insight into his inspiration to take street photography of Sheffield landmarks.

He said he enjoys the process of developing analogue film – taking shots with the 35mm camera he bought during lockdown.

He said: “Life is worth living when you’re making something.”

Benny Elphick, who studies architecture at the University of Sheffield, said that he finds inspiration from nature, often taking woodland walks to “get away from the noise of the city”.

He added: “The feeling of openness influences my art, it’s the observation of natural form.”

Chris Downie’s stall, @chrissy.d_ on Instagram

Benny detailed how his ADHD has enhanced his style.

He said: “I naturally draw inspiration from all different things, and I never have a plan in my head; I just start adding random shapes and colours.

Benny (@b_e_sketchbook on Instagram) also dabbles in photography, has recently created a zine, and likes to take shots of popular Sheffield skate spots.

“This is the first time I’ve taken my art out of my room and shown it to people outside of my family and friends.”

This was also the first market for Etsy seller Megan Hobson, 24, from Rotherham, who described her creations as “witchy Halloween art with a bright twist”.

She explained that her art had stemmed from originally doing online sex work, which promotes body confidence as she likes to create pieces which often include herself.

Megan Hobson’s stall

Couple Ben Allen and Jazz Kelly of heads n faces, create ceramic bowls, mugs and furniture together, with faces and body parts attached.

From meeting at university to living in Japan for over two years, they said: “The country is one of the leading places for ceramics and was incredibly inspiring, as they’re very delicate in the way they do things.”

Ben Allen and Jazz Kelly’s stall

“Our work is all based off of looking at people and abstract cubist stuff, we’re trying to make pieces that people will talk about, and we want our things to be humorous and not take itself too seriously.”

Written by Aaron Byrne

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