Endcliffe parkrun commemorates the 79th anniversary of Mi Amigo

US airmen who died in 1944 to save the lives of children playing in Sheffield’s Endcliffe Park were commemorated in a parkrun on Saturday.

The Endcliffe Parkrun marked the 79th anniversary of the incident and paid tribute to the ten airmen who crashed their ‘Mi Amigo’ aircraft to avoid hitting the children.

The annual ‘Red, White and Blue’ parkrun event first took place in 2020 and passes by the Mi Amigo memorial.

Pierre Laubscher, a parkrun volunteer, said: “It’s not a celebration, and it is not sombre either.”

He added: “It is definitely a remembrance run.”

A total of 654 people attended the event and were encouraged to wear red, white and blue, or stars and stripes, to honour the airmen’s sacrifice.

On 22 February 1944, the B-17 Flying Fortress, known as ‘Mi-Amigo’, crashed in Endcliffe Park after its engines failed.

Lt John Kriegshauser received a posthumous Distinguished Flying Cross for sacrificing himself and the crew rather than allowing the plane to hit the children in the park.

One of those children was Tony Foulds, who continues to maintain and tend to the memorial.

Mr Foulds also attended on Saturday, clapping the runners as they passed the memorial.

Tony Foulds applauding parkrunners as they passed by the memorial. Photography: Matt Byford

Ethan Parris, a student at the University of Sheffield, witnessed the run and said: “I was very impressed by the turn-up and enthusiasm on show for this event.

“It was nice to see such a diverse group of individuals coming together to show respect to the ten airmen.”

The parkrun also commemorates other events, with the next one celebrating International Women’s Day on 11 March.

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Endcliffe parkrun always needs volunteers and participants. Contact Louise Dale-Hughes, Event Director at endcliffe@parkrun.com if you are interested.

Anyone who wants to take part in a parkrun or parkwalk can register at http://www.parkrun.org.uk/register.

Written by Gus Ballantine

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