Endcliffe Student Village hosts Orienteers’ event

Endcliffe student village in Western Sheffield was a host to an orienteering event last Friday.

The event was run by South Yorkshire Orienteers.

The event organised was a sprint event, with the four courses being run at 0.8km, 1.7km, 2.4km and 2.8km.

Participants would pick up a sheet like this showing them the location of the controls.

The day was a host to 143 participants of all ages who raced round control points between 2:30pm an 5:15pm

Participants started from the bottom of Endcliffe village by the Millstone Apartments and Endcliffe Vale Road and finished at the statue in the centre of the student village.

Two young orienteers prepare before being given the green light

Qualified coach and Junior Team Captain Jacky Dakin was present at the event, helping out at the start and later finish line.

Mrs Dakin thinks “it’s a great sport” after being introduced to orienteering through her children and falling in love.

She also believes the orienteering has a fantastic community that she encourages anyone of all ages to join.

The finish was in the heart of Endcliffe village

The Endcliffe Campus Sprint was a part of a weekend of Sheffield events, with a Saturday event on Birchen Edge run by UK Orienteering League and a Sunday and the Northern Championships in Burbage on Sunday.

South Yorkshire Orienteers (SYO) are one of the country’s most successful clubs, being awarded club of the year by the orienteering National Body in 2014 and 2018.

SYO have also finished in the top two of the CompassSport Cup inter-club competition almost every year since 2008.

The club are also extremely inclusive, with 300 members with ages going from five to 85 and catering for orienteers on a casual and competitive level.

The group run weekly training sessions with a mix of physical training and technique training, being held in various areas around Sheffield.

South Yorkshire Orienteers are also work with Sheffield Federation of School Sport to help introduce orienteering to children in Sheffield.

More news about South Yorkshire Orienteers and future events can be found on their website and Facebook.

Written by Sachin Shaw

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