Dog attacks lead to two postal workers injured

Police have urged dog owners to be more responsible after two further attacks on postal workers in South Yorkshire.  

The two workers were bitten by ‘out of control’ dogs last week.

Dog Liaison Officer PC Paul Jameson said: “People have to take responsibility for their dogs, it’s not fair on innocent people.” 

The Sheffield postcode was the biggest hotspot for the most incidents reported during the year up to 31 March 2022, with 51 postmen or women suffering dog attacks. 

One postal worker was bitten on his leg in West Melton on 21 February by a dog viewed as ‘out-of-control’, where no owner was to be seen. 

A second postal worker was bitten on the hand in Dodworth the following day while posting mail through a property’s door. 

The Royal Mail stated that, ‘37% of dog attacks happen at the door or at the letterbox’.

PC Jameson said: “The postal worker bitten in West Melton was walking down the street when he was approached by two dogs without an owner. One dog approached him and bit him on his leg.

“The reality is this could have been anyone, including a child or elderly person. This could have had fatal consequences and action must be taken.”

Last year, Royal Mail announced there were 1,673 dog attacks reported on its staff during 2021-2022. An average of 32 attacks took place every week across the UK, with some leading to permanent and disabling injuries.

The S postcode which includes Sheffield, Rotherham and Barnsley, came to the highest number of attempted attacks on posties within the last year, with 1,600 attempted dog attacks. 

PC Jameson said: “You, as an owner, are responsible for your dog’s actions whether in public or at home. It will be you as an owner that is put before the courts for allowing the dog to be out of control.”

In 2022 South Yorkshire Police seized 449 dogs, in which 303 were stated to be extremely dangerous dogs. 

PC Jameson said: Owners need to understand their dogs, understand what causes them to become stressed or anxious and where possible install simple safety measures to protect everyone.”

Written by Lucy Tyson

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