Church set to launch support and free meal initiative to help students

A Nether Edge church is set to launch a new friendly initiative to provide a free meal and company to help students get through the cost of living crisis.

The King’s Centre Church, which is part of the Network Church Sheffield, on Union Road, has announced the new plan so that students feel appreciated by the wider community. 

Hellen Holmes, 44, of Ecclesall Road, is leading the project. She in particular has a large passion for students and a keen interest in helping them, in whatever way possible. 

She said: “Sometimes they get a bad reputation. They’re just young people trying to venture through life. Trying to figure things out and they’re by themselves. They need as much support as we can give them. We need to be there for them.” 

The proposed plan would involve a Sheffield student being invited round for a meal to a church member’s house. 

The visit would also include a chat about problems that may be on their mind and impacting them. 

If the student is religious there is also an option for a Bible verse to be read out at the end of the meal. Students do not have to be believers to participate in the scheme, and the church says people of all faiths and none are welcome.

Mrs Holmes said: “Whatever is going on in that students mind it’s a safe space for people to open up. If you feel a bit lonely, don’t have anything to eat, too much pressure from university, we’re here for all of you.” 

There is also no judgement attached to this principle, so anything can be discussed. 

Within society students are one of the most affected as a result of the Cost of living crisis. 

The average student’s living costs are £924 a month but their maintenance loan often falls short of covering living expenses. 

This new program, which is set to launch next week, will help students with financial troubles while providing a friendly face. 

Members of the congregation who are taking part in the scheme all have been checked under the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).

Any students wanting to get involved should contact the church, either by emailing or by calling them on 01142507277. 

Written by Sebastian Jones

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