Viral TikTok gives charity shop a chance to stay open

A Yorkshire Cats Rescue pop-up charity shop in Hillsborough has gained hundreds of new customers after a TikTok haul video attracted more than 240k views. 

The pop-up shop opened at the start of February on Bradfield Road and was only set to be open for six weeks, but the huge influx of customers has meant that “it’s looking really really promising and that it will become permanent”.

Manager Crow Dixon told ShefLive: “It was not looking good for the first two weeks; this was not going to succeed because we just weren’t bringing in enough money. 

“Then the TikTok happened and we’ve been so busy since. There’s been such a huge difference. It’s crazy. People have been travelling to come here.” 

Poppy May, an advocate for sustainable fashion, posted the TikTok showing the items they picked up and urging people to visit the charity shop. They added: “They had some incredible pieces and the prices were so low. Give it a visit, I promise you won’t regret it.” 

The Hillsborough shop is one of five Yorkshire Cats Rescue charity shops and, after the Tik Tok buzz, has been selling the most items, but at the lowest prices of the five. 


Yorkshire Cat rescue! Sheffield, Hillsborough so worth a visit the staff were lovely & there’s 12 other charity shops there too!! #charityshophauluk #sheffield #hilsborough #charityshopping

♬ original sound – Poppy May

Crow said that young people have been visiting the charity shop lots more because of the TikTok, but that they are committed to keeping the prices so low despite the charity shop getting swept up in the thrifting trend.

“I really want it to be a little community space” added the 20-year-old, who said they aim to have a café and up-cycling classes in the shop when they get their permanent status. 

“We just need more people to know that we exist, that we’re here. And we’re actually the cheapest charity shop in Hillborough!” 

Everything in the shop is either donated or passed down from other charity shops and Crow said the shop aims to save clothes from landfill. 

The shop is relying on enough income to be able to become a permanent store.

Crow, who is pushing for branded items to be donated and bought, said: “I want people to have that special moment here where they find something amazing so cheap and for them to think ‘wow, I need to come back here, I can’t believe I found this in a charity shop’.” 

The shop is looking for more volunteers to keep up with the new demand and always accepting donations. Anyone interested can get in touch at

Written by Freya Vye

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