Three-legged cat with dementia becomes local celebrity on Sheffield Facebook group

A three-legged cat called Eric has become a celebrity on the estate where he lives after his antics have caused a stir on a Sheffield Facebook group.

The friendly feline, who has suspected dementia, has attracted a number of comments on a community Facebook page following his escapades on Hawkins Avenue in Burncross – with some saying he deserves his very own Facebook page.

‘Legendary’ Eric’s mischievous ventures include letting himself into people’s houses and refusing to leave, as well as almost catching the bus.

His owner Jayne Aldridge, a council worker, from Hawkins Avenue, Burncross, said the black cat has “the most amazing green eyes” and that he had to have his left back leg amputated eight years ago after a trip to the vets.

The 52-year-old said: “He’s just a friendly and sociable cat who likes a lot of attention. He came home limping, the vets said that his leg cannot be mended, so it had to be amputated.”

Eric the cat Credit: Jordan Ward

But despite this Jayne says Eric hasn’t lost his friendly nature.

“I’ve got an 18-month-old grandson and he sits with him because he’s such a people person,” she said.

Eric’s shenanigans started a year ago when the 15-year-old curious cat started wandering off in the area.

“We had to go out and search for him, but one of our neighbours brought him back because he had been into the woods,” Jayne told ShefLive.

“We think he’s got early signs of dementia because when people give him attention, he’s wandering off and forgetting where to come home.”

His wandering antics have attracted dozens of comments on the Chapeltown, High Green, Ecclesfield, and Grenoside Facebook forum group with one saying that they felt “starstruck” upon seeing him and others campaigning for Eric’s very own Facebook page.

Darren Knight said: “I felt starstruck, I finally caught a glimpse of the myth, the legend, Eric the three-legged cat.”

Jordan Ward said: “He helped himself into my house, made himself comfy and had a nap. I left the door open and he refused to leave. He remained next to me for the next 4.5 hours.”

Debra Jackson said: “He followed me and my colleagues to the bus stop and nearly jumped on the bus. We were so worried about him as it was a cold and icy morning.”

While Will Fidler added: “I wish one of my days could be brightened by a visit from Eric. He sounds fantastic. Definitely needs his own page.”

Eric the cat Credit: Jordan Ward

Jayne says she worries about the situations Eric could find himself in and described an incident a few months ago when a neighbour witnessed a group of youths throwing stones at him in nearby woods.

She added: “Luckily he didn’t have any injuries. He’s old and he’s following people and putting himself in a vulnerable position.

“We worry about how long we can keep him. He’s a sweet little thing.”

Anyone who sees Eric is reminded to direct him back to his home on Hawkins Avenue, Burncross.

Written by Benjamin Todd

Reporter for ShefNews

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