Sheffield Moor Market greengrocer hits out at impact of fruit and veg shortage

A Sheffield greengrocer says the impact of the current fruit and veg shortage is affecting his business as he’s having to increase prices as a result.

Shoppers have complained about the recent difficulties in getting hold of fruit and veg including tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers in the supermarket.

Tesco and Aldi are currently limiting the sale of tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers to three per customer due to the lack of availability. Other fruit and vegetables are also struggling to stay on the shelves with Asda limiting lettuces, salad bags, broccoli, cauliflowers and raspberries to three per customer. 

Herold Grant, a greengrocer at the Moor Market in Sheffield said his “profit margin is going down” due to rising prices at the wholesalers he buys his produce from because of the shortages.

Mr Grant said that it was possible for him to continue stocking the produce but the costs were an issue.

He said: “If I’m buying from wholesalers for £1 and selling for £2.50, if the price I’m buying for goes up to £5 I can’t start selling for £15.”

He added: “It definitely impacts the running of my business and the cost of living is changing the way people are shopping for their food.”

He said a box of peppers has gone up from between £8.49-£10 to £25.50 at the Parkway Market he gets his stock from.

Mr Grant said he had also noticed the price of sweet potatoes going up amid the shortages with the cost of his stock going up by 75%.

The UK government is currently blaming the supply shortages on poor weather in Europe and Africa.

Another potential cause of the shortage is the rising electricity prices in the UK and the Netherlands restricting the amount of fruit and vegetables that can be grown inside greenhouses.

The shortages are expected to continue for the next two to four weeks with the Moor Market offering a potential alternative for Sheffield consumers than the empty shelves in mainstream supermarkets.

Written by Christian Wood

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