Sheffield girls’ school raises money for charities through fancy dress day

Students at a Sheffield girls’ school have helped raise more than £200 for two charities by holding a fancy dress event.

Sheffield Girls’ GDST (Girls Day School Trust) in Broomhall invited pupils to come dressed in costumes as their future selves to raise money for the Support for Guide Dogs Association and the Sheffield Children Hospital. 

The girls worked alongside members of staff to plan the charity activities and the students were also involved in group discussions about what they could do to help raise funds.

Rebecca Mills, Director of Marketing & Communications at the school said: “For the younger years, it is about teaching them the importance and value of charitable giving, of supporting community organisations and the mechanics of how and when they can do that.”

The money was raised through donations from the girls which were paid in order to be able to come in fancy dress on the day.

The school states that it offers continued support to the Sheffield’s Children Hospital and even sponsors a snowflake every year as it is a charity it says it feels very strongly about.

Every year the students also get to choose an additional charity to help raise money for with their choice this year being the Guide Dogs organisation.

Ms Mills said it is a charity the girls displayed a particular passion for and that members from the charity went into the school and took the dogs with them to visit the students.

The teachers hoped that the event would allow the children to gain “service and philanthropy and community-minded activity and contribution which are things that underpin the school ethos”. 

Ms Mills added: “It is a really important part of our teaching from reception right through to year 13.”

It is an expectation at the school for the girls, particularly the senior students, to maintain a certain amount of volunteering a week. This is often through the Duke of Edinburgh but can be by any means.

At the event, there was a wide assortment of costumes, displaying an amazing variety of aspirational career paths. The children dressed up as a wide range of characters and items from astronauts to ketchup bottles. 

For more information about fundraising visit Sheffield Children’s Hospital. Or for more details about how to support the Guide Dogs click here.

Written by Mia Gajree

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